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Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Wed May 31 07:21:34 UTC 2006

Hello Andreas,

AB> Has anybody a good tutorial how to use those RadioButton's in
AB> a way like i can use them in visual studio.

Sorry I'm in a hurry and I've forgotten how I found out how to do it.

I Assume you're German so you will understand the german names in the
code. Otherwise tell me.

This is what I do to get Radio Buttons:

This creates the Morph, see attached Picture.

        "Display RadioButtonGroupMorph erzeugen, einklinken"
        zeitraumSelektor := RadioButtonGroupMorph new initializeWithValues: {#Tag. #Woche. #Monat. #Quartal. #Jahr}.
        zeitraumSelektor target: auswertungsApp;
                 getSelector: #auswertungsZeitraum;
                 setSelector: #auswertungsZeitraum:;
                 color: Color veryVeryLightGray;
                 extent: 95 @ 130.
        zeitraumSelektor openInWorld.
     zeitraumSelektor  position: 215 @ (World extent y -150).

The target implements the two selectors #auswertungsZeitraum and

The first one only returns a Symbol like #Monat, I guess that
activates the proper Button.

The setter does the necessary actions like in:

auswertungsZeitraum: anObject
        daten autoIrrelevantGrenze ; auswertungsZeitraum: anObject.
        self collectEvaluateDisplay.
        userInterface highlightDayPicker .

Hope this helps a bit!

Herbert                            mailto:herbertkoenig at gmx.net
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