[Newbies] The Path From eToys To Squeak To SmallTalk - Or The Other Way

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I'm  enjoying "Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots," by Stephane Ducasse. It certainly seems to be a decent place to start.

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I've been a would be programmer for many years.  I'm one of those people 
who just "does not get it".  I understand things like eToys and other 
visual "programming" environments but have much difficulty making the 
transition to true programming languages, since they are not visual and 
usually not very natural, (intuitive), to a visual thinker.

I know that learning SmallTalk would be the next step for me, but there 
does not seem to be any documentation for the absolute beginner who 
knows nothing about programming and programming terminology, (classes, 
methods, functions, etc.).  Since SmallTalk makes its claim of being a 
_/truly/_ object oriented language, and it is at the heart of Squeak, it 
makes sense for me to move in that direction.

Where does the complete beginner begin with SmallTalk?  Too bad that 
eToys doesn't take the exercise a step further and also take the user 
from visual programmatic thinking into visual programmatic programming, 
with learning SmallTalk as its goal.

Thank you,

Greg Smith
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