[Newbies] Disappointed

Andrew Burton darkbeast at darkbeast.com
Wed Nov 8 06:10:56 UTC 2006

Jeff wrote:
> I'm pretty disappointed with this list at the moment.

For what it's worth: I wish I could help you.

At the moment, I'm pretty puzzled/stumped by Squeak myself.  I started 
getting into this in an attempt to wrap my head around Croquet by 
wrapping my head around Squeak.  At the moment I've had to go back and 
start over by wrapping my head around Smalltalk.  (Which isn't even 
talking about real life stuff; trying to learn Smalltalk while working 
with PHP and Perl during the day is a great way to forget everything 
you've learned the night before.)

I've just about got objects down, and hopefully will get to the 
Wonderland stuff this weekend.  If I find anything useful regarding 
keyboard controls, I'll be sure to post!  (Though, I get the feeling 
you're likely to figure it out before I even start on Wonderland.)

Good luck.

Andrew Burton
tuglyraisin at aol.com
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http://jarodrussell.livejournal.com/ - Take a guess. ;)

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