[Newbies] Beginners questions

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Wed Nov 8 12:27:57 UTC 2006

Le Lundi 6 Novembre 2006 18:09, Jeff a écrit :
> Hello group!I'm hoping that this beginners list is a good place for a
> beginner to get answers to... well, beginner's questions. And so, with that
> in mind, I'll ask a few questions. But first, experience has taught me that
> I should be a little more clear in what I'm looking for as an answer.
> Imagine a total newbie to computers asked a group of experts the question
> "How do I run a program under windows?". One member of the group
> decided to respond by handing him a 400 page technical manual on windows
> and telling him that everything he wants to know is in there. Upon seeing
> that the rest of the group decides that his question has been answered and
> sees no need to offer additional assistance. This newbie's question wasn't
> actually answered by the group, ultimately what they did was say "ask
> the manual". The manual naturally can't hear him so it can't directly
> respond to his question, he has to start searching it. After skimming a
> bunch of pages and not seeing what he's looking for, (or anything he
> understands), he looks in the index. It isn't there. He looks in the table
> of contents to see a chapter called "Getting started with
> windows". Thinking that looks like what he needs, he flips to it and
> it starts out by telling him that the first thing he needs to do is install
> windows. Ok, so he looks for this Windows disk. 


For what it's worth, your message appeared as a large chunck of dense text 
(worse than quoted above) without any paragraphs, filling the windows' text 
screen like a wall brick.

I must be frank and I must say that it was not tempting to wade through and 
read it.

This being said, no, I can't answer your question ;-)


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