[Newbies] Help (and where to find it) ?

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Fri Nov 10 00:29:50 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

  Where is help ?

  After years of Linux use and work, I've developed an habit of always
looking at the same place for help files, even for newly-installed
packages.  Be it the man page, be it the info page, be it the doc/
subdirectory of the source package.

  Now, how does this go with Squeak ?

  Case in point: Connectors.

  I've installed Connectors.  Three new tabs were created.  I browse
the new classes looking for high-level 'howto' information on how I can
use this package to make, for instance, UML diagrams.  Nope.  There's a
ConnectorsDemo demo but it fails when I paste and execute the code in a
Workspace (following what I recently read in the well-made Lalonde book
'Discovering Smalltalk').

  So where do I look for an howto to use this package ?  Is there a
generalized approach to where to find such info in Squeak ?


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