[Newbies] Help (and where to find it) ?

Jerry Muelver jerry at hytext.com
Fri Nov 10 17:03:24 UTC 2006

lanas wrote:
> Hi folks,
>   Where is help ?
>   After years of Linux use and work, I've developed an habit of always
> looking at the same place for help files, even for newly-installed
> packages.  Be it the man page, be it the info page, be it the doc/
> subdirectory of the source package.
>   Now, how does this go with Squeak ?
> ...
>  Is there a
> generalized approach to where to find such info in Squeak ?
> Cheers,
> Al

Good point, Al. I don't doubt that there are some excellent step-by-step 
"How to program in Squeak" tutorials out there... somewhere. But they 
are not readily accessible, at least not by me. I can't find a useful 
list of such tutorials, even, so I really haven't been able to get a 
good start. I program in Perl, JavaScript, several BASICs, Pascal, even 
(10 or 12 years ago) Smalltalk. But Squeak is impenetrable for the beginner.

Most helpful would be a steering guide -- "Start with this tutorial, 
then do this one, and then this..." -- with a brief abstract of the 
instructional objectives for each segment.

---- Jerry Muelver

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