[Newbies] moving eye in squeak

Enno Schwass onkelenno at mac.com
Thu Nov 16 09:10:42 UTC 2006


> i want to write code for moving eyes just like the eyes in squeak  
> logo.can
> any one helps me please.

I am a beginner too, but maybe I can help.

Open a class browser. do a <find>. Look for MovingEyeMorph
Check the protocol and the 6 instance methods. Dont forget the 2  
class methods.
Parent class is EllipseMorph. Look there too.

Open a workspace.


MovingEyeMorph new openInWorld.

Do it.

Back to class browser. Change defaultColor method first. Accept your  
changes. See what happens if you create a new MovingEyeMorph in  

Change IrisSize in class method inititialize. See again what happens.
Play around with the other methods. There is no book about morphic. Buy
A quick trip to objectland. This helps me a lot.

Hope it helps

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