[Newbies] Re: Bugging out of Squeak

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 16 23:50:37 UTC 2006

Hi lanas,

You have a found a good issue worthy of being fixed.

The best place for this info would be to start a
Mantis report. (You can get a mantis acct freely and

A good place to start is:


Mantis provides a patient persistent way to focus on
an issue.
I use it to accumulate data on a problem until a
solution can be found.
It provides a place to alert the community to a
-accumulate facts and clues from the analysis;
-publish preposed solutions and get feedback;
-get solutions harvested and included into the main

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace

>[Newbies] Re: Bugging out of Squeak
>lanas lanas at securenet.net 
>Wed Nov 15 22:59:17 UTC 2006 wrote:
>Sehr einfach.  So geht's:
>On the desktop menu the last entry says:
>"Quitter sans enregistrer l'image"
>And when you click on that, it asks you if you want
to save the image.
>Try it, you'll see the same.
>I've tried with other language settings, and it seens
French is quite
>unique in that matter ! 
>Could someone change that to only "Quitter" and add
the three dots like
>it was suggested ?  OR... Make it really quit without
saving the image
>since that's the option right above (I think that'd
be the "bäst")
>BTW, Polish sieht ganz wie Deutsch aus ! ;-)
>And Czech looks a lot like English ! ;-)
>Alles gut,

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