[Newbies] Video question

Martial Boniou Martial.Boniou at ifrance.com
Fri Nov 17 19:04:32 UTC 2006

It's a good question indeed. I think we all should avoid the use of             
proprietary codec. It's not in the open software spirit of squeak. I'm          
working with Mac, NeXTstep and Linux so I am not able to play WMV9/10           
format. Realplayer and Quicktime Sorenson don't work everywhere too.            
I'm starting to do videos too; the goal is to build tutorial of seaside         
for friends (and soon everybody with my website) who don't know anything        
about smalltalk (but java/php). I chose DivX codec. It runs everywhere.         
The robot of one of my friend which is built with ARM9 cpu can read it.         
So Andrew, choose divx too. It's not a good format for streaming but it         
works well and it compressed more. Remember to use easy-to-read font.


Offray Vladimir Luna Crdenas a écrit :
| Hi all,
| Bert Freudenberg escribió:
| >
| >On Nov 17, 2006, at 5:57 , Andrew Burton wrote:
| >
| >>Is there a "standard" format for video in the Squeak community?  I 
| >>noticed that most of the Croquet videos were in Quicktime format, and 
| >>I wasn't sure if that carried over to here as well.
| >>
| >>I ask, because I put together a small video about building a simple 
| >>calculator in Squeak, but it's in the WMV format.  Is that 
| >>acceptable? Thanks.
| >>
| >>Also, if anyone's interested, here's the video: 
| >>http://profnano.org/code/squeak/Squeak_SimpleCalc.wmv
| >
| >Works for me on a Mac, but only because I installed Flip4Mac. I assume 
| >it will work on Win, don't know about Linux.
| >
| >Generally we prefer something that can be played on Mac and Unix and 
| >Windows, if possible without any additional software. I think only 
| >MPEG fits that, and it even can be played back by Squeak. Flash movies 
| >work pretty well across platforms, too, that's what Google Video or 
| >YouTube use.
| >
| >- Bert -
| >
| As a Linux user I prefer a format that can have players packaged by 
| default on Linux distros without any patents or other concerns. Your 
| video doesn't give me more that audio on my Ubuntu Linux machine and 
| would be nice to see the video you want to share with us.
| I really appreciate your concern about proper formats for free 
| information interchange. Thanks a lot,
| Offray
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