[Newbies] Video question

Enno Schwass onkelenno at mac.com
Fri Nov 17 22:50:17 UTC 2006


> Is there a "standard" format for video in the Squeak community?  I  
> noticed that most of the Croquet videos were in Quicktime format,  
> and I wasn't sure if that carried over to here as well.
> I ask, because I put together a small video about building a simple  
> calculator in Squeak, but it's in the WMV format.  Is that  
> acceptable? Thanks.
> Also, if anyone's interested, here's the video: http://profnano.org/ 
> code/squeak/Squeak_SimpleCalc.wmv

You could support ogg theora. Its patent free and as good as mpeg2.
I use it for all my video encoding.

check www.theora.org

to play on mac use vlc
to encode use ffmpeg2theora

I also recommend recordmydesktop under linux as screenrecorder

Hope it helps

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