[Newbies] feed pages directly to Scamper

Jerry Muelver jerry at hytext.com
Mon Nov 20 15:03:35 UTC 2006

Jerry Muelver wrote:
> I can point Scamper to a URL or a file, I know. But, can I just feed a 
> string with HTML page code directly to Scamper, like dumping text into a 
> control? And if so, can I intercept browser responses from Scamper (link 
> selections, form submissions) and act on them? Think of a courseware 
> presentation system using Scamper as the interface.

Or, failing that, is there another way to build a courseware app that 
uses a script to generate and show pages with hyperlink navigation? I 
want to build a cross-platform app on the lines of WikiWriter and 
WikiRev (http://hytext.com) which I developed. I am reluctant to make 
the (time and mental energy) commitment to plunging into Squeak without 
some assurance that I'm swimming in the right waters.

---- Jerry Muelver

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