[Newbies] Very Basic Squeak information

Eric Ching bingopajama at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 20 20:06:01 UTC 2006

Hi, I am looking for some very (super newb) basic information about squeak.  
Here are my questions:

- Where does the source code go?  I used the workspace window to test the 
objects I created (and others), but where do I put the main program logic so 
that I can execute the program at will?  Just use workspace window like I 
was doing? Are there other methods?

- Is there such a thing as command line squeak?  Such that I can create my 
objects, then put the basic program logic in a file and fire it off from the 
command line?

I feel as though I am missing something essential that was not made obvious 
from the documentation (or I just plain missed it).  How do you distribute a 
squeak program?  Do you always have to use the IDE environment to run the 
programs you create?

What is the difference between the VM and the main GUI environment download?

I understand the concept of creating objects and passing messages to the 
objects, I am just fumbling for the thing that glues this all 
together....like a main class in Java, for example.

If someone could point me in the direction of those answers, I'd greatly 
appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,
Eric Ching

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