[Newbies] Image vs. source code (was Re: Very Basic Squeak information)

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Wed Nov 22 07:36:40 UTC 2006

Hello David,

DD> How about Common LISP (with CLOS) and FORTH for two?  FORTH isn't OOP,
DD> but at least one author described how an OOP FORTH could be done (Dick
DD> Pountain).  FORTH doesn't save "images" as much as they utilize the

it's long ago, but IIRC save in Forth actually saved the image and you
had to come up with something special to save the sources in files.

Source lay in virtual memory (180kB floppy disk) files were a
refinement which some argued against. Later in a commercial Forth for
IBM PC building an application exactly meant to save the image and
hook the word which was your app's entry into the startup code.

And another similarity to squeak: that Forth was written in Forth to
create Assembler source that built the image by using MS


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