[Newbies] Stand alone application

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Nov 23 11:34:30 UTC 2006

On Nov 23, 2006, at 12:14 , Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas wrote:

> Hi,
> Bert Freudenberg escribió:
>> On Nov 23, 2006, at 3:22 , Andrew Burton wrote:
>>> Tyler Sperry wrote:
>>>> -- but perhaps someone here will point out the Squeakish way of  
>>>> creating "standalone" (in appearance, at least) applications.
>>> I hope someone will.  I have no burning desire to create a "stand  
>>> alone" Squeak application, but it would still be interesting to  
>>> know.
>> Also, you might want to have a look at Sophie:
>>     http://www.sophieproject.org/download/install
>> It uses the same cross-platform directory layout I developed for  
>> Plopp. In contrast to Plopp, Sophie is not locked-down, because it  
>> is still in heavy development, but you should get the idea of how  
>> a double-clickable Squeak app looks like.
> Talking about Sophie, I have been tried to run Sophie in a Linux  
> box for a while without any success (well from the first try to the  
> last one things are better, but still not running). I asked in the  
> forums and there is not answer.

Actually, your question was answered on the mailing list. The  
installation instructions were wrong for Linux - maybe you just try  
again, the instructions have been corrected.

> I tried emulation with wine and get a little more, but still not  
> working. I'm wondering why multi platform apps made on Squeak seems  
> to run better on Mac that in anything else. ¿It's related with the  
> platform used by developers (which seems to be Mac) or the  
> particular dependencies of this app?

Well, one of the problems is that there is no "Linux" per se. It's a  
moving target, there is a lot of variety between distributions. Even  
if you restrict it to the ix86 platform and ignore all the other  
architectures, there are few things that you can really rely on. In  
particular as soon as it comes to Multimedia. For example, Plopp does  
run on Linux, too - but we can not guarantee it.

In Sophie's case, they use a few new plugins, which might not yet be  
available on Linux. There are some Mac developers, some Windows  
developers, but only one Linux developer AFAIK. The target market for  
Sophie is non-developers, and looking at market share you have to  
support Win and Mac before everything else. That said, contributions  
from Linux developers would certainly be welcome.

- Bert -

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