[Newbies] squeak ldap attribute modification

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 27 06:20:51 UTC 2006


I won't be able to help, justa a note, if you do not get any comments on this 
list, it may be a good idea to ask on the squeak-dev mailing list, it is 
quite specific question, so squeak-dev can be better,


On 2006 November 24 03:08, Vladimir Plšek wrote:
> Hi,
> I was playing with ldap litlle bit and I found some strange behavior.
> When I am trying to do some attribute modification I got error "Improper
> store into indexable object".
> example:
> (I uesed syntax from ldap test class)
> ld modify:(ldr dn)  with: {LDAPAttrModifier addTo: 'employeeNumber2'
> values: {'123' }}.
> (where ld is ldap connection, ldr is first resultentry)
> I debuged it and found that I should use:
> ld modify:(ldr dn asString)  with: {LDAPAttrModifier
> addTo: 'employeeNumber2' values: {'123' }}.
> ldr dn is instance of ByteArray class, but ld modify: with: expect it as
> string.
> Am I doing anything wrong?
> or it is correct to use it that way.
> vlado plsek
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