[Newbies] general questions about squeak

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Thu Oct 5 02:36:58 UTC 2006


> I`m new in squeak, but not in smalltalk. I have some questions about
> the environment of squeak that will help me to understand it.
> - Firstly, I would like to know how the startup process of squeak is,
> as detailed as possible.

  - The VM compiled by a C compiler is loaded onto the memory.
  - The VM allocates a big chunk of memory and load the content of a
    Squeak .image file on to the chunk pretty much as it is.
  - In the loaded image, the pointers may have different offset when
    it was saved, and the endianness may be different, too.  VM
    adjusts them.
  - Now, VM look for the initial context and compiled method to dive
    in and Squeak code start running.
  - Usually, the initial context is in SmalltalkImage>>snapshot:andQuit:embedded:.
    After doing a few things, it start processing the "start up
  - The start up list consists of classes that need to do something
    upon startup.  You can inspect StartUp class var of
    SystemDictionary and #startUp: methods of them (on the class
  - Then the UI process gets started and usual interaction begins.

> - Second, MVC projects are just wrapped from morphic?. Later I will
> explain why I want to know this.

  Yes, I can figure out what you are asking^^;

> - Third, who is responsible of opening the main window and if it`s
> possible to open other windows without using wxWidgets or something
> like that. Is it hardcoded in the vm or elsewhere?

  It pretty much is.

> Why I`m asking these questions?
> Because I`m interested in using squeak as an alternative for small
> commercial projects. I want to know if it`s viable of developing an
> MVC with at least one look and feel and a little core of widgets.
> I have a look at BobsUI but it`s build on Morphic.

  There may be some confusion among os window and os widgets.  From
what I read, you seems to want to use OS widgets.  There are a few
attempts to make the emulation of OS widgets work, but none is well


  Morphic is in general better to do such look enhancements than MVC
though.  What is the reason for doing it in MVC rather than Morphic.
(I can imagine a few, but want to hear yours).

-- Yoshiki

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