[Newbies] squeak on the ps3

Gary Frederick garyfreder at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 15:54:43 UTC 2006


I am interested in squeak on the sony ps3. I think it would be a great
platform for education. The ps3 comes with Linux and is reported to
support other operating systems (SQUEAK OS?). It has state of the art
multimedia hardware.

Yellow Dog Linux has already announced their Linux will be available on the ps3.

The various coprocessors and other hardware would be a lot of fun with
plugins. Squeak on a HD 1080p display!!! I think the ps3 could attract
lots of kids that want to build media.

We plan to play with a squeak wiki and croquette on the assumption
that they would be great collaboration tools for working with kids and

Etc etc enthuse enthuse ;-)

If they sell the million consoles the first year... hmmm

Is anyone else interested in a ps3 squeak?


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