[Newbies] I am not sure if choose squeak/smalltalk or another language. HELP

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Sep 2 07:09:36 UTC 2006

Did you try my environment for teaching kids how to program?
Have a look at the videos.
Now that 3.9 is out I should produce a new version which will be  
certainly faster


On 31 août 06, at 18:02, Antonio San. wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm a total newbie at all ;-)
> I don't know about squeak, I'm not a programmer... I
> only know about linux ;-D So sure I will say a lot of
> stupid thinks.
> First of all, squeak overload my CPU. 80-90% all the
> time, even if I do nothing. Except if I move the mouse
> (then I get 100%).
> I have a 300Mhz with 64 Mb RAM. Its old, I know, but
> it means that I can't program in squeak? And the
> worst, it means that all the programs I do (even the
> smallest) will eat as much CPU and RAM?
> I want to learn to develop programs for building
> simple tools for children, math quiz, games for learn
> the multiplications, learn vocabulary, etc... I'm a
> teacher (in a poor school). I can't afford to buy
> computers. We have 4 pentiums 300Mhz with 64 Mb and 4
> pentiums 200Mhz mmx with 32Mb RAM. Is squeak /
> smalltalk for us? Or it would be better to choose
> another language like C,  python or ruby...? (java is
> ruled out because the programs in java are veeeery
> slow in this PCs)
> Second, I don't understand very well squeak one thing,
> I have to install an image of squeak, a VM and a
> sources file. Why sources file has another version
> that image of squeak.
> Third, I have read almost all post in the list and I
> have the feeling that with squeak/smalltalk I could do
> anything, but then, why the projects you can find are
> so few and so strange? You can't find an mp3 ripper or
> a CD burner or a program for doing a backup or a fast
> downloader or a DVD author or a simple image cutter...
> Forth, is it possible the comunication with the
> exterior of squeak? What I mean is, if we could do,
> for example, a gui interface for a console program (a
> frontend). Or a program with needs comunication with
> special devices like webcams or scanners...?
> Thank you.
> Regards.
> Antonio.
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