[Newbies] what no Smalltalk at OOPSLA2006?

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Sat Sep 2 12:02:51 UTC 2006

The main reason there aren't any Smalltalk related events at OOPSLA is
that people don't propose them.  Posters, workshops and demos accept
nearly all the proposals, so if you don't see any Smaltalk-related
posters, workshops and demos then it means there were none proposed.
OOPSLA accepts less than 20% of the papers that were submitted and
less than half the tutorials, so the fact that there aren't any of
these doesn't mean that none were proposed.  It is hard to get papers
accepted at OOPSLA, but Stephane had some Smalltalk papers accepted
there recently, so it is still possible.

Certainly Smalltalk no longer has a buzz, but there are enough old
Smalltalkers on the OOPSLA organizing committees that it is still
possible to find people who appreciate it.  And there are usually a
hundred or so Smalltalkers who show up for OOPSLA so they want to have
some things to make them happy.  I think the main reason there aren't
more Smalltalk-related events at OOPSLA is because Smalltalkers don't
propose them.


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