[Newbies] I am not sure if choose squeak/smalltalk oranotherlanguage. HELP

Antonio San. supercorreode at yahoo.es
Sun Sep 3 20:04:41 UTC 2006

Hi Stef, I have read a lot of your comments here. You
are terrific :-D

I have no try yet, but videos are very interesting. It
is like logo but focused on self learning of
smalltalk, very intuitive and easy. It appears a great

Offray, I'm going to try LTPS this year, it's high
time to kill msdos/win95 and profit from linux

> I have readed that in the future we will have a 
> modular and smaller squeak but I don't know how
> long it takes).

I have readed that is very dificult and it is a
laborius job that needs a lot of time to be done.
Perhaps our grandchildren can see it ;-)

> In the meantime you can use may be python and some
> of the development environments for it
> There is and option for teaching python using a
> robots like programming environment but I don't
> remember the name.  

This appears good:

> would be nice to have Squeak communicating with
> external programs and languages

Yeah, that would be very cool.

> (may be XmlRCP)... ummm.... at this moment I'm
> thinking in some kind of XServer and Scheme
> implementations inside Squeak (if I'm not wrong) and

> trying to run external linux programs inside
> something similar to the java VNC client for X.

??????? xm1rcp ????? I'm lost, I have to study more,

Cdrick, thanks for the tips, but I couldn't find any
option for giving more relax to my CPU :-( I'm using
3.8 version in spanish from Diego Gómez and company
from Linex repository. I have the same sensation when
I run an emulator like qemu, all things you do spend a
lot of CPU.

I have tryed to load squeak without X servers, only
using the framebuffer. It works very well, but I can't
pass to another console for seeing how much CPU is
used, because alt+F2 doen't work and if I run squeak
in background console is corrupted. But anyway, I
think that it will be always better in 32MB RAM

> projects are more etoys stuff... programs in
> squeak/ST are self contained in the image...
> you can look at the class and find appropriate 
> method.
> For instance, to read a flash file... it's
> something like:
> FlashFileReader fileNamed: '/MyDocs/aFile.swf'

Ummmm... how interesting! It is like a console program
but all is inside of the environment. Really can you
see a swf without any plugin of acrobat reader or it
is only an hypotetic example?
And who programs that methods?
But anyway it would be nice using directly programs
already built, why reinvent the wheel?



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