[Newbies] Making a Lemmings/Pingus Clone on Squeak

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Wed Sep 6 17:59:53 UTC 2006

Hi Bert, thanks for your answer,

Bert Freudenberg escribió:
> Is this going to be an Etoy project or a Smalltalk one? 
I don't know still which will be. ¿Can I start with some Etoys 
programming and then move to the underneath Smalltalk code?
> If Etoys, then you might want to look at the examples at 
> squeakland.org, and also subscribe to that mailing list, which is 
> specifically aimed at using Squeak in education.
I'm already suscribed in the small-land list. I want to avoid the 
crossposting, because this is more responsive, but I will post on both 
list if there is no problem.
> Specifically, the "Stair" example from 
> http://squeakland.org/kids/sqfest_2004.htm could give a hint how to 
> move a lemming. Instead of erasing, you might use a large pen to draw 
> in the background color. To make the pen trails appear on top of the 
> drawn landscape, you might put the lemmings in a transparent playfield.
> - Bert -
Thanks. I will see your recommended example, it's an interesting 
resource. Thanks a lot,



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