[Newbies] Monticello -- where is it?

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Thank you so much for this write-up, Ron!

I've used Monticello a few times just to get other people's published 
packages, yet everytime I need to get into it I get a bit of a sinking 
feeling :-( I really like what the tool does under the covers, but don't 
find the UI intuitive (for an irregular user like me) and have to stop and 
re-think what I learned each time.

May I suggest this go on http://www.wiresong.ca/Monticello/ ? Hope the UI in 
a future version can be made a bit less intimidating to newbie users.


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> Hello Aleksej,
> I think it is a very good question.  I would encourage all newbies to 
> start
> with Monticello and learn about how to organize their work before starting
> of to change the world.
> There are a few things to understand about Monticello first.  The most
> important thing about Monticello is that it is a code version manager. 
> It's
> job is to store versions, retrieve the latest version, find conflicts 
> (when
> two programmers change the same source), and to show history and code
> branches.  What it does not do is organize your code, solve conflicts
> (thought it does provide tools for you to do it), save your code for you
> (don't laugh ENVY does!), or replace proper workflow.
> There are different types of repositories.  For this discussion let's just
> talk about package-cache and http.  Package-cache is created for you and 
> is
> updated when you load new packages, (like from squeakmap), or 
> automatically
> when you save Monticello packages.  It is file based and you can find it 
> in
> your squeak directory on your computer.  Http repositories are like
> www.squeaksource.com .  It is a shared area where you can define projects,
> store your code, share it with others if you want and post to squeakmap.
> How-to!
> On the world menu select open..  > Monticello browser.  This opens up the
> Monticello browser.  What you will see is packages that are already added 
> to
> your browser.  There are many packages added by default.  For each package
> on the left you will see repositories on the right.  Packages can be in
> multiple repositories.  If you think of code branches this makes sense.
> To add a package from an Http repository you should unclick the package on
> the left, then press the +Repository button.  Now select the Http type
> repository.  This brings up a string that looks like this:
> MCHttpRepository
> location: 'http://foo.com/bar'
> user: 'squeak'
> password: 'squeak'
> you should replace the foo.com/bar with the repository you are interested
> in.  For example
> MCHttpRepository
> location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography'
> user: ''
> password: ''
> if you have a user name and password on squeaksource then you can add them
> to the string.
> After accepting your new repository definition you can hit the open 
> button.
> This will show you packages that live inside the repository.  In the
> repository browser you will see packages on the left and version on the
> right. You can select one of the package versions and browse it, or view a
> history, or see changes, or load it, and other things too but that's a 
> good
> starting point.
> When you are make a change to a package, back on the regular Monticello
> browser you will see an asterisk (*) before the package name.  If you want
> to update the repository with your new version, you need to save it. 
> Select
> the package and the repository you want to save too and press save.  You
> should always type in some notes as to what change you made then accept 
> it.
> There is more, like working in a clean image, upgrading images, using
> Monticello configurations, running your own squeaksource image, version
> numbering, or how to handle conflicts.  There is good documentation about
> these things available on-line but we could talk about those if anyone is
> interested.
> Hope that helps,
> Happy coding
> Ron Teitelbaum
> President / Principal Software Engineer
> US Medical Record Specialists
> Ron at USMedRec.com
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>> Hello
>> May be a silly question.
>> The are about hundred classes in "Monticello-xxx" categories. But how
>> to use it? What is "Monticello browser" and how to run it?
>> Good luck.
>> Aleksej
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