[Newbies] How to do a Image Upgrade?

Gerhard Brauer gerhard.brauer at gmx.de
Wed Sep 13 13:57:50 UTC 2006


i'm running Squeak on Gentoo Linux. I want to try the GTK-Plugin and the
author told me to use a 3.9 Image (i've got errors on my 3.8 iamge).

Now i thougt about how to do such a upgrade the best way.
In my old 3.8 image i have not much "new stuff".
My own code is organized by monticello and file in/out.

I was able to import my code into the new started 3.9 image.
But the projects fail to load (these are mostly test projects, nothing
important, nothing which i can't "restore" from my sources)

The errors on project reloading points to some "Wonderland"
classes/methodes, "Cameras"(?) which i never used in these projects.

Now i would like to know if there's a recommend way to do a image
ugrade. I searched (a little) in mailing lists and FAQs but i found
nothing similar to a "walkthrough solution".

My skills in Smalltalk are a antique (Smalltalk V/DOS) and the "world"
(Squeak) changed a lot... ;-)

Beside the generally way for an upgrade i have some special questions:

a) The projects mentioned above. Are these image dependent?
b) Should i do image(-version) regulary updates ?
c) What about on code changes in classes that came (new) with an image.
For example i add methods in magnitude classes. Should i do this in the
class hierachy (directly in/under Magnitude) or better in an own
hierachy that could be managed by monticello?
If it's not clear what i mean (my english isn't the best): how to rescue
my whole work from a current image to a new image?

HAL is running Windows...

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