[Newbies] How to do a Image Upgrade?

Gerhard Brauer gerhard.brauer at gmx.de
Wed Sep 13 18:20:33 UTC 2006

* Ron Teitelbaum <Ron at USMedRec.com> schrieb am [13.09.06 18:26]:
> Hi Gerhard,
> You ask some good questions.  Your first problem does sound like your
> project was using something in Wonderland.  There is a wond3d directory that
> is created and used.  You can find that directory in your 3.8 directory.
> I'm no expert on the 3d stuff but it's possible that copying that directory
> could fix your problem.  

On linux i havn't this wond3d dir. There are only the virtual machine
dir (here it's 3.9-7) and the source,changes and image files.
But it could be possible that i've downloaded a developer image (i got
it from http://ftp.squeak.org/3.9/ and it's 3.9gamma #7057) where some
classes not included.

> Also you might consider reloading it from squeakmap
> in 3.9 before trying your projects.

In squeakmap browser i'm not found anthing like Wonderland, only searching
3D puts me to something like Ballon3d...

> To your questions: 
> a) The projects mentioned above. Are these image dependent?
> 	Hopefully you will get a better answer then mine.

But when i think a little deeper, it could be that i've never understand
the "project" behavior. I thougt these were "little images" or
"applications" that could be filed and reloaded.

For example in one project that i have saved were several open browsers,
workspaces with "running objects", some morphs. I think reloading this
in a "clean" image is not what projects should be for.

> b) Should i do image(-version) regulary updates ?
> 	I'm having some trouble understanding this question.

No one makes me my english so fast after ;-) I break the grammar like a
7 years old child...

> 	If you are asking should you regularly make sure that you code is
> loadable in a new image.  The answer is definitely yes.  I only rarely save
> an image.  I do this when loading packages takes a really long time.  What I
> will do is start each day by loading my work into a clean image.

Ah, that's a nice working-flow method. Maybe i think to statically about
"the image".
You use the image like a "versioning system" for the "here and now of
the world". If a new world is build you simply merge your changes in
this new.

My problem (and sure the problem from every smalltalk newbie) is: i
never had a real Gotcha! about the whole enviroment.
I rediscover Smalltalk, and i jump between heaven and hell...
It's the easiest language - and still complex.
It's the easiest IDE - and still one of the complexed.

I never coded something for real use, only for private use. And all
languages/IDE's i tried it's a feeling of bliss to do it in something
like squeak. My problems come later: what to do with my work? How and
how much must i publish (refactory)? The strong break in programming
paradigm makes me problems.

> 	If you are asking neither one of these questions please feel free to
> ask again.

No, no, you won the price ;-)
And give me some good hints.

> Hope that helps!
> Happy coding,
> Ron Teitelbaum

Dont't drink and root!

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