[Newbies] downloading 3.9

Enrico Schwass deckard73 at freenet.de
Fri Sep 15 14:55:33 UTC 2006


> I have just downloaded 3.9 and have 56 image.  I pick to update and
> got another folder.  How do I know that I have open the 58.. that it
> said it update to when at the top to of the window it still says 56..?

Run your 56 Image, click on the Squeak flap on the left border of your
screen. Choose Code Updates. You will immidiately get an window called
Processing updates. If not, your internet connection may be down or
wrong configured.

If everything is fine, you get a window "2 update files processed"

Click on the Squeak-flaps "about this system" button. Voila ..58

This is the normal way, I guess.

Hope it helps

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