[Newbies] Problems with do:

Peace Jerome peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 17 05:40:53 UTC 2006

Hi andy

Well back to front it would be 

[ :line | Transcript show: line; cr.] value:
aFileStream nextLine .

which should do what you want.

Yours in service, -- Jeorme Peace

>[Newbies] Problems with do:
>andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com andy.burnett at
>Sat Sep 16 21:51:41 UTC 2006 

>I need someone to poke me with a clue stick please!
>I am trying to step through a file a line at a time. 
I had the idea that 
>this should work
>aFileStream nextLine do: [ :line| Transcript show:
line; cr.].
>Unfortunately (as will be obvious to everyone) what
it actually does is 
>print a character at a time.  It took me a while to
realise that   - 
>aFileStream nextLine  - is returning a string and the
  -  do:  - passing 
>the block to each character.
>I need a way of passing the block to the string a
line at a time. Or 
>perhaps I have got this totally back to front and
there is a much easier 
>way of doing this?

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