[Newbies] Why Squeak is so sloooow?

Antonio San. supercorreode at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 21 14:18:48 UTC 2006

I don't know if occurs the same in windows, but in
linux squeak is very slow. 
I mean that all the thinks related to move pixels over
the screen causes cpu overheat in a desmesurated way
and a big latency. 
It is specially bad for videogames developed in squeak
because the movement of a picture imply a speed down
of other pictures in the game.

I thought that it was caused by my old PC. But I have
tested in five diferents machines, included a powerful
P4 with 2.8Ghz and 512 Mb RAM, with the same results.

Is X system (xfree86 and xorg) a bad way for execute
squeak? Occur the same in windows?

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