[Newbies] RE: Why Squeak is so sloooow?

Antonio San. supercorreode at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 21 15:22:27 UTC 2006

I haven't any game, indeed I'm going to look for a
good environment for game-develop learning ... and I
think that squeak could be a very very useful project
for spending efforts and time.
But I have done the test with the "games" inside
squeak: BouncingAtoms and Blob.

Only 1 BouncingAtoms and 3 Blobs are enough for
getting an important slowdown in all objets in the
screen (Centrino 1.8 Ghz with 512Mb RAM)

It would be interesting check if the high CPU use
continues when you enter in an other project giving in
background blobs working. But I don't know how to do
that, because when I enter in an other project blobs

PD. How can I do for getting my reply under the same
topic in the list and not in other thread? 

>Hi Antonio,

>Do you have any of these games to test? I have been
>using Squeak on 
>Linux without any slowness problem.



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