[Newbies] RE: Why Squeak is so sloooow?

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Thu Sep 21 22:33:51 UTC 2006

Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> On 2006 September 21 15:07, David Shaffer wrote:
>> There is no XYPlotter in my 3.9g-7055 image. 
>> Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> <<snip>>
>> I do not know how to run any "oficial" graphical tests, but with 
>> MathMorphRevival installed ( plug :):) ) 
Gasp, sorry, didn't see that.  I've loaded it now.  Here are the
benchmark results:

1 to: 10 do: [ :i |
XYPlotter example1 plot asMorph openInWorld.
XYPlotter example2 plot asMorph openInWorld.
XYPlotter example3 plot asMorph openInWorld.
XYPlotter example4 plot asMorph openInWorld.
XYPlotter example5 plot asMorph openInWorld.
XYPlotter example6 plot asMorph openInWorld.
] timeToRun.


At this point the UI is so slow that moving a window or morph results in
a noticable lag (nearly a second between releasing the mouse button
after a drag until the object that was dragged is drawn in its new

> You would have to install the above package from Squeakmap to run the 
> "graphics test" I mentioned, but please note it's alpha, so install to a 3.9 
> image without important stuff.
> I am not sure this is a good "graphical test", it does create graphs, so it 
> should have some value, it is non-interactive graphics though. Apart from 
> that, 3.9 feels as good as 3.7 here, but as you said .. it's my feelin' only

Agreed...it is subjective.


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