[Newbies] Licence

Luis luis at anachreon.co.uk
Tue Sep 26 12:09:13 UTC 2006

Re: [Newbies] Licence

Thanks for the info and the clarity!



 > > Hiya,
 > >
 > > This has probably been asked a gazillion times, but with the 3.9
 > > release, I was wondering if anything had been done about the
 > > embedded Apple Fonts and the current Squeak Licence.

 >There are no Apple Fonts anymore. We switched to the free Accu and
 >Bitstream Vera Fonts a while ago.

 > > In plain terms I would like to know that if I do not modify any
 > > underlying code, and I preserve the licence with the 'application',
 > > that I can create any application with Squeak and distribute it for
 > > free or for profit.

 >If you're doing it for profit, you should not just seek advice on a
 >mailing list - IANAL  ;-)

 > > A little clearer: I create a Squeak image, tailored to a specific
 > > requirement (let's say for example: A game) that I can then give
 > > away or sell.

 >That is what other companies have been doing. E.g., impara with
 >"Plopp" (http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/3898353664). That was
 >bundled with a VM, so users would not even notice it is build with
 >Squeak unless waiting through the end-credits. Looks like any normal
 >app, comes with its own EULA - no license worries.

 >- Bert -

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