[Newbies] error loading .pr file

Andrew Dabrowski dabrowsa at indiana.edu
Sun Apr 1 01:01:15 UTC 2007


I'm brand new to squeak, I've just been playing with 3.9 for the last
week.  I've successfully put together a simple little app ( a Venn
diagram puzzle) and I'm trying to export it as a project file.  So I
selected "save project on file" from the world menu, answered "yes" when
asked if I wanted to included changes from the changes file, and saved a
.pr file into the Squeaklets folder.  But when I tried to test it by
immediately loading the .pr file back, either from Navigator->Find or
World->load project from file, I got a "message not understood" error.
The Transcript shows:

(RenamedClassSourceReader is Undeclared).

I went back and saved the file again without including the changes, but
that didn't help.

Is this a problem with 3.9?

What's the preferred why to save a project so that you can share it with
someone else?  I had a look at the Squeak FAQ, and that suggests sharing
the entire image and changes files, but that seems a tad ridiculous -
don't those files also contain everything unrelated to the project?

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