Morph Window -> Class? (was: [Newbies] error loading .pr file)

Andrew Dabrowski dabrowsa at
Sun Apr 1 18:16:02 UTC 2007

Thanks for your reply to my last message.  Now I have a follow-up 

If I want to save my project as a .cs file, then I will have to convert 
my gui window (just a systemWindow with some buttons and textMorphs) 
into a proper class that shows up in the browser, correct?  That is, my 
window was not coded, but put together interactively by dragging 
supplies out and using the viewer to attach scripts.  Is there a way to 
convert the final product into a code format that can be exported in the 
.cs file?

In VisualWorks (which I am also looking at but have not worked with at 
all) there seems to be a way to do this: the InstallOnClass utility.  Is 
there something comparable in Squeak?

> El 3/31/07 10:01 PM, "Andrew Dabrowski" <dabrowsa at> escribió:
>> (RenamedClassSourceReader is Undeclared).
> RenamedClassSourceReader  don't exist in 3.9 final, that't why you have
> problems.
>> Is this a problem with 3.9?
> Maybe more as one, so we start 3.10 and you could try at
> And if some was wrong, you could complain direct to me.
> As several things is changing, if you first Squeak experience , better learn
> with it.
> As sharing code, I like to send me via private mail your .pr and only you
> .cs.
> In general , .pr files works fine, but not always.
> And old release .pr could not work on newer images.
> Exist another ways of sharing code, I prefer using .sar what let's pack all
> needed files in one auto loading file.
> As example , in my Rompecabezas (puzzle)
> I have versions what let's guess image and load the necessary , if some is
> not in the target one.
>>From install/preamble of version what could load into normal 3.9 and
> SqueakLight
> | misFotos listaArchivos member form str |
> Smalltalk version  = 'SqueakLight' ifTrue:[ self fileInMemberNamed:
> 'MixedCurves.2.cs'.
>     self fileInMemberNamed: 'MinimalSound.2.cs'].
> self fileInMemberNamed: 'Morphic-Puzzle.47.cs'.
> member _ self memberNamed: 'CatClubBallooning.jpg'.
> PuzzleMorph foto: (Form fromBinaryStream: member contentStream binary).
> member _ self memberNamed: 'Taunt011.wav'.
> PuzzleMorph sonido: (member contentStream binary).
> PuzzleMorph allPieces
> And you have code, picts, sound, any what was necessary. Guessing version is
> a bonus track :=)
> Edgar
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