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Andrew Dabrowski dabrowsa at
Mon Apr 2 21:06:31 UTC 2007

> AD> Would I be correct in thinking that real Squeak developers must not use
> AD> the interactive gui-building tools in Squeak because those tools don't
> AD> produce results that can be easily packaged?
> that depends what you mean by packaged.
> I packaged means an application you will just deliver an image with
> the gui set up the way you want it. Nobody cares how you built that
> gui.

One drawback of images is that they tend to be quite large.  The .pr 
files are small so that strikes as better way of distributing programs.

> Personally I start with interactively building a gui (often only a
> proposal of a gui) and then I switch to code.

I understand you to mean that you test out an interface design 
interactively, but then do start over coding the whole gui from scratch 
in smalltalk.

That's kind of tragic.  Squeak is wonderful environment for building 
things, it shouldn't be necessary still do all the coding of the final 
product textually.  Many WYSIWYG gui builders exist, I would have 
thought Squeak would be a leader there.

I think for my purposes (building simple apps, no ambition to be a 
professional grade developer) I ought to use the 3.8 image and work with 
projects.  I hope that projects will be supported in later versions of 
the image.
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