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Tue Apr 3 08:38:36 UTC 2007

Hello Göran,

gks> There have been several UI building tools/frameworks over the years. I
gks> can't really comment much on them.

I tried some of them and none was satisfactory imo.

I'm used to think of a gui as nested rows and columns in which to put
widgets. Nice auto-layout, always aligned (think resizing and
localisation). We are just doing localisation in a VC/VB project and
it is a pain. Lucky I don't have to do it.

I've learned that from AutoDesk's dcl (dialogue control language) but
they don't have a gui builder.

gks> The continuous issue for all UI building tools is of course what the
gks> heck they should produce in the end (code? serialized objects? XML?
gks> etc).

As long as it's ascii and the concepts are clear it's easy to build an
interpreter for it. The Ascii only contains layout and widget names,
at load time the app plugs the target and the method name into each

gks> Btw, if you intend to build "end user regular apps" then you might want
gks> to look into either wxSqueak or possibly even the GtkPlugin:

Haven't tried those.


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