[Newbies] Strange behavior on Squeak 3.10 alpha

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Sat Apr 7 13:20:41 UTC 2007

Hi Edgar,

Edgar J. De Cleene escribió:

> First , you should know what could email me in Spanish and what we have a
> very friendly Spanish group and Spanish things
> http://ar.groups.yahoo.com/group/squeakRos/ (Group)
> http://wiki.gnulinex.org/squeakros (Swiki in Spain)
> http://ar.geocities.com/edgardec2001/Welcome.html (Beginners tutorials ,
> most in Spanish)

Thanks a lot. I have been browsing for a while the list messages and 
seems a nice place with humble people who knows Squeak. The only thing I 
dislike it's to be forced to get a YahooID and accepting their User 
Agreement for being part of this list (this will happen with any 
YourFavoriteEnterpriceGroup and in general with all the "Spamware" 
powered infrastructure). Have you considered the good and old mailman 
for the list? if yes, I could help on that matter.

> 3.10 is the first step to more modular Squeak, we just begin the mechanics
> of updates and try to correct any problems.
> Today, you should reach 7078.

On #7070 I can't publish a project. I get the grid for publishing but 
then nothing. So I was trying to made the update. At some point it ask 
me for an account name and a password, so I put some info there but on 
the process I get this:

Processing updates
Loading 7080wizFixesOfMorph...

and then a window with this message:

Merging Morphic-edc.116.

I choose the option "Merge" and others but nothing happens, only 
"Cancel" works. After that I'm on 7080, but still publishing a project 
doesn't work.

> I was working with reduced images from a while and helping Pavel
> MinimalMorphic.
> Think what we are a company what are recycling some old building, several
> stories tall.
> For political reasons, you could't demolish using dynamite, as people have
> homes into (bad but are HIS HOME)
> But if you start from the top stories, demolish some, reshape some and let
> they still use his ugly places ...
> I have how unload Etoys and Nebraska unload/load safe and Pavel how to load
> again in a 2.8 Mb big Morphic/Etoys.
> I learn his technique and http://www.squeaksource.com/Ladrillos.html several
> smaller experimental new shapes packages.
> When 3.10 reach beta I retake this and hope we have a loadable Etoys and
> Nebraska and 3.10 closer to MinimalMorphic .

Nice analogy about "buildings", homes and dynamite. Squeak it's a lot of 
different things for different people that getting a sense of continuity 
it's difficult for the newcomers like me.

> What don't means you could load any .pr fro earlier Squeaks.

At this moment we're having problems exporting .pr files from the 
Extremadura's Squeak to another because of a bug with bookmarks (when 
you exported a book with bookmarks, the bookmarks are lost). There is a 
patch for this and the change set works fine with OLPC, Squeakland and 
first versions of 3.9 images, but doesn't work in Extremadura's image 
and I have a problem publishing projects on 3.9alpha#7070 and updating 
works strange as I said before... the sense of fracture in all the 
Squeak images seems overwhelming sometimes.

> That's require some OLPC to 3.10 and 3.10 to OLPC "intelligent Bridge" (I
> should patent iBridge earlier as Apple :=)
> Saludos desde Rosario, Argentina

Yep you will need to patent and register as a trade mark. Apple want to 
be owner of the letter "i" and all its "iAnything" combinations. :-)

Saludos desde Bogotá, Colombia,


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