[Newbies] making directory available online

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Apr 10 08:45:11 UTC 2007

El 4/9/07 7:37 PM, "Navodit Kaushik" <navoditk at yahoo.co.in> escribió:

> The ModDir example helps set up a file server on the machine on which the
> example code is run. How can I set up a file server on a machine over the
> internet? For example on the squeaksource.com project page that I have? Thanks

squeaksource.com is for people could store his projects in Monticello format
and for nothing more.

Maybe you need some commercial server what have free access as possibility ?
You need Squeak running remote or only a place for storing things ?

Today my IP is
For reaching from web I have http://www.squeakros.net.tf

Some of the links in the first (in Spanish) .htm page redirect to a running
special Squeak image.

People could  reach direct also
at you could see what I have running Comanche, HttpView2
and Seaside and demos of viewing remote photos and the MathMophs directory
what I share with Milan and other people when we working on it

In past my ISP provides fix Ip and now I must check for if they change and
actualize the info for web access.

Exist free programs for doing this automatic also.


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