[Newbies] Re: [Newbie's] Strange behavior on Squeak 3.10 alpha

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Wed Apr 11 15:33:00 UTC 2007


Edgar J. De Cleene escribió:
> El 4/7/07 10:20 AM, "Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas"
> <offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co> escribió:
>> Thanks a lot. I have been browsing for a while the list messages and
>> seems a nice place with humble people who knows Squeak. The only thing I
>> dislike it's to be forced to get a YahooID and accepting their User
>> Agreement for being part of this list (this will happen with any
>> YourFavoriteEnterpriceGroup and in general with all the "Spamware"
>> powered infrastructure).
> Yes, some complain about Yahoo. I hope at some point could have a 24/24
> machine what all could reach from web.
> Extremadura peole set the swiki for us, use it as is less restrictive.

We have a Free Software related wiki and we're putting a information 
about Squeak as we're learning (the wiki is made on python, but it works 
very well and it's easy to extend). At some point we will need some kind 
of wiki ohana (Ohana means family, as Lilo teach us) for Squeak related 
content in different places (something like a planet for blogs, but for 
wikis). You're invited to use our wiki if you like it.

>  >Have you considered the good and old mailman
>> for the list? if yes, I could help on that matter.
> Send private about mailman

Ok :)

> Still Ralph and me are losted of why sometimes the image ask what to do and
> sometimes no.
> The correct option should be always install what the .cs said .
> As example for 7080
> "Collect changes of :
> http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php? = 5251
> http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php? = 5619
> http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php? = 5704
> http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php? = 5392"
> ReleaseBuilderFor3dot10 new updatePackages: '
> Morphic-edc.116(sd.115).mcd
> Tests-edc.21(20).mcd
> '
> So you should finish having the Morphic 116 and the Test 21 on the
> Monticello browser.

I'm still too newbie to know how to use Monticello, but I will try to learn.

> Is odd what you can't publish a project , as I convert several of 3.9 to
> 3.10 and saved.
> Just made one in my image putting some morphs on World and could create a
> new one.
> What still I don't solve is importing 3.9 (or earlier) .pr , but I was
> collecting info for doing some page in wiki.

My main problem is that I can not export from 3.10alpha as a pr file... 
I don't know what's wrong. Just I get the metadata form and saving grid, 
but then nothing, I can't choose if I want to publish my project on the 
hard disk or on the web.

>> I have a problem publishing projects on 3.9alpha#7070 and updating
>> works strange as I said before... the sense of fracture in all the
>> Squeak images seems overwhelming sometimes.
> I hope what 3.10 solves all his starting problems.
> And tomorrow I put a complete image into servers and 3.10 ready to load
> projects into a page of swiki.
> Send private all yours and I see how manage in 3.10.
> Nos leemos !!
> Edgar

Vale, te enviaré correos privados para esas pequeñas cosas. Gracias por 
todo el trabajo en 3.10 y por un Squeak más modular.



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