[Newbies] Re: Squeak Firefox plugin on Linux

Andrew Dabrowski dabrowsa at indiana.edu
Fri Apr 13 19:34:37 UTC 2007

So which deb package has the right npsqueak.so for firefox?  When I 
tried the file http://www.impara.de/~jens/ubuntu/squeakland_3.8-4u_all.deb
I got errors both installing and uninstalling (it said npssqueakregister 
was missing in both cases, I had to create a dummy file it could delete 
in order to uninstall it).  Maybe I can just get the file I need from 

> Err, I was just trying to explain why it worked in Mozilla and  
> Firefox before, and now stopped working in Firefox but still works in  
> Mozilla. If you do not know what linking libraries like libXt means,  
> ignore that part.
> Replacing the old npsqueak.so with the new one should be all that is  
> required to make it work in Firefox again.
> - Bert -
> On Apr 13, 2007, at 0:58 , Andrew Dabrowski wrote:
>> You've lost me.  The installer did put  npsqueak.so into the  
>> plugins directory, but eToys still aren't working in Firefox.
>> What is libXt?
>>> That's exactly the problem - until very recently, both Mozilla  
>>> and  Firefox linked to libXt by default. Now Firefox does not  
>>> anymore. So  our new version links libXt directly into the squeak  
>>> plugin. It  should be sufficient to install the new plugin, and  
>>> manually run  npsqueakregister. Or even manually create the  
>>> symlinks from  npsqueak.so into your browser's plugins directory  
>>> (that's all  npsqueakregister does).
>>> - Bert -

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