[Newbies] Re: File system access in Squeak

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Apr 18 08:35:19 UTC 2007


> Hi
>   Can anyone suggest a good package for file system access? Someone
> suggested Rio but I am not sure how to install it as it does not show up
> in the Package loader...

AFAIK Rio is still being developed by Keith, probably not "ready" yet.

>   I want to be able to work with the files on a ftp server and am not sure
> what to use for this. If possible an example script to connect to a ftp
> server and work with the files therein would be really helpful. Thanks

In fact, ServerDirectory/FileDirectory and friends can work with ftp
servers out-of-the-box in Squeak. I don't have pointers or snippets right
now but if you still fail to find anything, cc me privately and I can dig
something out.

I would guess you can easily find example code in Monticello - since it
can use ftp repos for snapshots.

>   Navodit

regards, Göran

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