[Newbies] Migrating to new image....

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Sun Apr 22 09:59:53 UTC 2007

El 4/21/07 8:48 PM, "Blake" <blake at kingdomrpg.com> escribió:

> Hey, all:
> Is there a how-to on moving code between images? I like Damien's
> dev-images so I like to update when he does, but is there an easy way to
> move all my stuff between an old image and a new one?
> And what about desktop? If I keep stuff in workspaces and Transcripts and
> so on, can I move those? (I mean, I can, if I do it manually but...)
> ===Blake===

If you have a 3.9 7067 final image, have good chances of upgrade to 3.10.
Do a good backup and on the working image open the Squeak flap and push
When you was asked to delete all projects, ask no.
Could take some time, but you should end with a green degradee showing what
you are in 3/10 now.
Hint, you must start in a clear morph project window, the process wipes all
morphs in world.
You could publish a .pr named "Today" in your disk and when process finish,
load this .pr into 3.10.
Any problems , I wish know..

If you have a earlier image , save all in .pr .
Some could load into 3.10 and some not.
No general recipes, is each .pr specific problem
Tell me whose what don't load and what the debugger said and I try to assist
on what to do.


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