[Newbies] external midi devices

Brad Fuller brad at bradfuller.com
Wed Apr 25 23:35:57 UTC 2007

Andrew Dabrowski wrote:
> I know that Squeak can play midi files using its built in synthesizer,
> but is it possible to control external midi devices?
Hi Andrew,

See the MidiPrimTester class for sending midi data through the serial port.

Also see: SimpleMIDIPort and MIDIInputParser.

Craig Latta wrote a MidiRecorder that used MTC, but I don't think he has
made it available.

Florian Hars updated Midi for Linux. Search the archives for a recent
thread. Florian: is this now in the standard distribution of the VM?

(are you in Bloomington? I miss the town! I went to IU Music School in
the 70s)


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