[Newbies] RE: delegation vs inheritance

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Sun Aug 5 01:03:28 UTC 2007

> From: Darren
> from: Ron Teitelbaum
> >Does that help?
> >Ron
> Thanks Ron, yes that does help but also what would be the thought process
> (I
> know you can't read minds) to choose this approach as apposed to
> specializing StackLink?
> -Regards Darren

I don't understand your question.  What are you trying to do or which
thought process doesn't make sense?  

If you are trying to provide a linked list then you should use Link.  If you
need a stack use Stack.  Have a look at the methods on each class and you
can see how each class has been specialized.  That should give you an idea
of which class meets your needs.  (If you don't find a method you need on
Link, but it's on stack then use Stack)

I think it would be easier if you said more about what you would like to do
or what you do not understand.  I'm sure someone can help explain it.  I'm
still not sure what piece you are having difficulty with.

Welcome Darren!


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