[Newbies] delegation vs inheritance

Emilio Oca eoca at afip.gov.ar
Mon Aug 6 13:38:37 UTC 2007

Hi Darren,

You can see an example of delegation when is send 'super foo' within a
method foo on A.
Then whoever is super, it will fullfill message foo with its implementation
on behalf of A.
So every time self is found, A will receive the message.



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> Hi Darren,
> On 8/4/07, gruntfuttuck <gruntfuttuck at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Thanks for the reply. I find it very interesting what you say but am
> > struggling to understand it and the info in the link.
> it's something that may be difficult to grasp indeed. Maybe it's my
> explanations that get it wrong. I'll try again, please bear with me.
> :-)
> In some very few words: if, during the execution of a message that
> made it from A to B somehow, "self" remains bound to A, it's
> delegation. If "self" changes to B, it's forwarding.
> Some other words: if B acts "on behalf of" A (but the credits go to A
> in the end), it's delegation. If B acts because A tells it to and B
> gets the credit, it's forwarding.
> ("On behalf of" meaning "in the name of" above.)
> I *should* come up with an actual example, I know. :-) But the page I
> pointed you to actually does a good job already. (BTW I noticed they
> call "forwarding" "consultation"... well... names...)
> > I think what I need to do is explore this in the morning when
> my brain is fresh.
> That's always a good idea... :-)
> Best,
> Michael
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