[Newbies] Question about resolving package dependencies

David Mitchell david.mitchell at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 14:43:36 UTC 2007

Package Universes has some dependancy management.

I recommend starting with the squeak-dev images put together by Damien Cassou.


eCompletion, Shout, and many other developer goodies are in there to
start. Uses package universes to load even more.

He also has a squeak-web that includes seaside, scriptaculous, shore, pier, etc.

On 8/10/07, Thomas Porter <tom.x.porter at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello!
> First nagging question:  Is there any kind of package installer that
> resolves dependencies and will download any packages required by one I
> am trying to install?
> Coming from a Linux background, I am spoiled by package managers that
> resolve dependencies and download all needed packages and install them
> prior to installing the package I am looking for.
> At home, when I tried out the SqueakMap package browser and tried to
> load the ECompletions package it advised me that various classes
> associated with the Shout packages (which I had not installed yet)
> would be affected. I told it to proceed anyway, just to see what would
> happen.
> I later had to install Shout and reinstall ECompletions before keyword
> completion would work.
> Second question:
> Can anyone explain the types of files used by Monticello and
> SqueakMap, such as .mcz and .sar files?  Is it possible to download
> these files separately and then load them from local copies?   Iassume
> this would not be done from a filelist dialog.
> Third question:
> I am behind a firewall which uses an NTLM authenticated HTTP Proxy.
> While I have set up HTTPProxy preferences, I do not believe it
> understands NTLM authentication, and so I cannot install updates or
> use SqueakMap. Has anyone managed to get through this kind of
> HTTPProxy?
> It has been a long time since I last looked at Squeak and I am very
> impressed, particularly with Seaside.
> Thanks!!
> Tom P.
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