[Newbies] deploying Squeak applications

David Mitchell david.mitchell at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 13:57:11 UTC 2007

To see a good practice (best) for deployment, look at Sophie, which
borrows its deployment strategy from Plopp. I particularly like the
Linux deployment, which includes the VMs for on Windows and Mac OS X
as well.

This topic is addressed as a FAQ on the wiki (just updated with my
comments before replying to this email):

I usually get my application running, then Save and Close Squeak. The
distribute the image (and changes, if I'm giving to another

Reducing (a.k.a., shrinking) the image is generally considered a black
art. Best practice today is writing your app with Monticello. Then get
a pre-shrunk Squeak and add reload your app. Here is a good place for
pre-shrunk Squeaks:


To see the future, take a look at Spoon. Probably not ready for the
beginners list, though:

On 8/13/07, Michael Haupt <mhaupt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> On 8/13/07, Mark Volkmann <mark at ociweb.com> wrote:
> > How are Squeak applications typically deployed to users?
> I'd package the image and changes file, maybe along with the VM, and ship those.
> > Is there a way to
> > create an image that runs a given method when double-clicked?
> You can add a class to the startup list:
> SystemDictionary>>#addToStartUpList: will do that. The class is
> required to understand the #startUp: message, which will be sent to it
> when the image is loaded and started. #startUp: accepts a Boolean
> telling it whether the image is resuming (newly started).
> > Is there a way
> > to reduce an image to contain only the classes used from a given starting
> > class?
> That one, I cannot answer.
> Best,
> Michael
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