[Newbies] deploying Squeak applications

David Mitchell david.mitchell at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 14:03:27 UTC 2007

> Tell me more about the changes file. When I do a save it seems to update
> both my image file and my changes file. If all my changes are saved in the
> changes file, why is the image file modified?

Changes is a database of code used by the image.

Image contains the objects. That's all the running bytecode (including
your program), all of the data (including pointers to the changes and
sources files):

Smalltalk can live without the database of source code, but it cannot
live without the virtual image (or virtual machine).

> Is there a way to
> create an image that runs a given method when double-clicked?
> You can add a class to the startup list:
> SystemDictionary>>#addToStartUpList: will do that. The
> class is
> required to understand the #startUp: message, which will be sent to it
> when the image is loaded and started. #startUp: accepts a Boolean
> telling it whether the image is resuming (newly started).
> Would you say this is the most common way to deploy a Smalltalk application
> to users, at least with Squeak?
> Is there a way
> to reduce an image to contain only the classes used from a given starting
> class?
> That one, I cannot answer.
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