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Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Tue Aug 21 16:22:33 UTC 2007

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your answers on the tutorial and your work. You miss one: 
want about a free content license like the creative commons one? If 
you're planning to create a book from your tutorial, you can still 
consider a non-commercial variation of the license (for example the 
Attribution - Share Alike - Non Commercial). Would be really a shame not 
to have again, a comprehensive text on Squeak which can be modified for 
academical purposes and translated, for example, in Spanish. I know that 
there is a lot of work in creating good original documentation and 
licensing under a Open Content License could seem a no sense, but if you 
see the "Light and Matter" series at


which has even a more liberal license, allowing selling of the book, the 
only condition is that people let the derivate works open also. You will 
see that this model can work (in fact, the author not only has this site 
and books as a prove, but also a lot of articles about why it works). 
Books are also cultural artefacts which gain value in they and their 
ideas circulate, and I hope that the "editorial business" can coexist 
with this idea in an age where Internet has changed a lot of things 
about "distribution" models.

Hoping for your answer,


Steve Wessels escribió:
> I've been on vacation and just yesterday, Thursday, began to process email messages and resuming work on my Squeak Tutorial.  Many folks have written to me, personally and here publicly, with both feedback, comments, corrections and questions.  I want to take a moment and update my status on the tutorial work.
> First of all, thank you goes to everyone who has written me with positive feedback.  Thank you for your validation of my efforts.
> A few people have asked for a Zip file of the tutorial contents.  At this time I have no plans to make this available.  As a regular component of my publication process I in-fact make a Zip file backup of the entire tutorial each time I update the web site.  However, the file is huge.  It's not something that can be emailed and I have not been uploading the file to the web site because of its size.
> I would like to make PDFs and will investigate that in the future.
> My current activities are focused around fixing reported and self-discovered typos, and I am doing a complete walk through from scratch as if I were an interested student.  In this way I am finding errors and omissions.  I am currently in section 3.  This takes as long, perhaps longer, than it took to actually write the tutorial.
> After the coming update(s), I still have more to write.  So even though the tutorial in its present firm is highly useful, as many of you have told me, the work itself is not done.
> Furthermore I have an ambition to publish the tutorial as a book some day and will begin work on that in earnest when this next set of activities has completed.
> - Steve
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