[Newbies] Prompter Class

phiroc at free.fr phiroc at free.fr
Wed Aug 22 12:43:09 UTC 2007


I am currently going through the Dispatcher Tutorial in Dan Shafer and Dean A.
Ritz's "Practical SmallTalk".

On page 32, they suggest creating a Prompter in a Workspace, as follows:

| anotherItem |
anotherItem := Prompter prompt:
   'Something to prioritize? '
   default: '' .
   ^ anotherItem

The only problem is that the Prompter Class does not exist in Squeak or bears a
different name. Could someone please tell me what Squeak's equivalent to the
Smalltalk/V Prompter class is?

Here's the authors' definition of the Smalltalk/V Prompter Class:

"A Smalltalk/V Prompter is a small window with one TextPane that poses a
question to the user in its top line, or header area, and allows the user to
type in an answer in the bottom".

Many thanks.


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