[Newbies] How can I load the RefactoringBrowser into Squeak 3.9?

Ravi Mohan magesmail at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 26 21:41:39 UTC 2007


I have worked with Visual Works smalltalk before, but
I am new to
squeak. I want to install the Refactoring Browser on
my newly
installed Squeak 3.9 (on Ubuntu Feisty if that
matters) and can't
figure out how.
The World Menu -> Open -> Squeak Package Loader, where
there are
several refactoring browsers but nothing for 3.9.

There is a "Refactoring Engine" . Its explanatory text

"This is the Refactoring Engine. (It's the Refactoring
Browser without
the Browser and AST)." huh ? what does "Refactoring
Browser without
the Browser" mean?

One more question, I'll probably explore the squeak
library by adding
unit tests for various classes. Is there a process by
which I can
submit these tests as a patch? Sorry if this question
("How do I
submit a patch" has been addressed before, but I
couldn't find it

Thanks in advance,

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