[Newbies] Scratch questions

Benjamin Schroeder benschroeder at acm.org
Wed Aug 29 15:42:00 UTC 2007

On Aug 29, 2007, at 7:29 AM, Alex Rice wrote:

> 1) How do they get it to launch so fast? It launches in <1 second on
> my system. In comparison,  Squeak 3.9 takes like 15 seconds to launch.
> Sophie takes about 6 seconds. Why the disparity between these 3
> examples?

Hi Alex,

I think I saw in another thread that you are using Windows. How are  
you launching Squeak?

My experience on Windows is that if you launch Squeak.exe by double- 
clicking, it can take a while to bring up the dialog where you can  
choose an image. However, if you drag an image file onto Squeak.exe,  
or use a batch file to pass it as a parameter, the image starts up  
much faster.

I remember somebody explaining why this happened on squeak-dev some  
time ago, but I'm not sure where.

Hope this helps,
Benjamin Schroeder

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